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Weddings conducted by Independent Celebrants make a wonderful alternative to traditional Church or civil ceremonies.  The beauty of such occasions are that they reflect your wishes completely.

From small, unique occasions to larger, more traditional family gatherings your Celebrant led wedding will be composed especially for you. The wedding ceremony can accommodate secular beliefs or take on a more spiritual or Pagan emphasis.  Same sex weddings and commitment of love ceremonies are also offered to suit your own wishes and requirements.

One main advantage of a Celebrant led wedding or commitment is that it can be held at more or less any venue or location of your choice.  Some weddings or commitments are held at formal venues such as a local hotel, some of the nicest ceremonies have taken place at an outside location that holds some kind of special meaning for the couple.  Ceremonies can also be held in your own home or garden.

You can choose your own poetry or prose, music and contributors to the ceremony.

A Celebrant led Renewal of Vows ceremony is also a lovely way to mark a special anniversary and can also be structured to incorporate your wishes.

Please note that it is important to acknowledge that Celebrant led weddings hold no legal status in themselves, they are a supplement to the legal requirements of marriage that can only be preformed by a registrar.


Professional fees for wedding blessing ceremonies are £250 + travelling expenses @ 10p permile outside of a 30 mile radius of Gosport if necessary

Fees include planning, writing and performing your ceremony on the day 




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