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Baby & Child Naming Ceremonies
Deborah McGregor

Babies are Angels that fly to the earth,

their wings disappear at the time of  their birth

one look in their eyes and we’re never the same

they’re part of us now and that part has a name

that part is your heart

and a bond that wont sever

our Babies are Angels, we love them forever

(author unknown)

Naming ceremonies are popular as an alternative to  Christenings. 


A Naming Ceremony is designed specifically for you and your child and so is a very personalised occasion.


Naming ceremonies do not have to be confined to babies, ancient beliefs  for example recognise the important life transitions such as that from child to adolescence, and this is often a fruitful time to conduct a ceremony for an older child, encouraging their full participation in the event.

With the greater occurrence of step-families nowadays it is also often appropriate to symbolically recognise the uniting of children from the two families of each partner into the  new family unit.

A Naming Ceremony can be held at more or less any venue or location of your choice. 

Most ceremonies will be held at the child’s house, perhaps in the garden, with a buffet tea to follow. 

Some are held at more formal venues such as a  local hotel or community hall. 

Some of the nicest ceremonies are held in outside locations which  have special meaning to the parents such as a local beauty spot. 

The content of your child’s Naming Ceremony will be based completely on your own wishes. 

The ceremony can accommodate secular beliefs or take on a more spiritual or Pagan emphasis. 

You can choose your own poetry or prose, music and contributors to the ceremony.



Professional fees for Baby Naming Ceremonies are £190

+ travelling expenses if necessary.

This includes planning, writing and performing the ceremony on the day


Joint or multiple ceremonies can be accommodated 

extensions to the ceremony structure will incur fees of £70 per child

in addition to the usual singular rate.

 Please contact to discuss your requirements.

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